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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Seasoning Greetings!

Hey guys!!!!

Long time mi nuh pos' eeh?
Well, mi jus drop een tideh fi bless all a oonu UP!

Seasoning greetings to all my spicy folk-all ma paprikas, pimentos, gingers, gyawlicks, onions an' scotch bonnet peops!

You all have enriched my life, just by stopping by to extend your ears to my tales.

I love and appreciate you all!

Thanks for the support and may this season yield uncommon favour and supernatural blessings!

You are mine, and I am yours, your Jodi, now and forever.  Forever? Forever!


Monday, 10 December 2012

Dip inna di healin' stream

Mi SEH!!!

Mi haffi get dis offa mi ches' but it neva safe fi approach di page while mi did still bex.  A pure indecent tings didda crass mi mind!
Afta mi leff mi yaad come a country in seek of wuk, mi come fi hear seh, nuttin naw go gwaan!!!!!
Mi waah bawl an cuss an lif' up mi frack simultaneously.  Mi cyaah deal wid suh much gyawbage.  Come een like mi ha' one sign heng pon mi farrid mark"City Dump".  Mi tell one a mi fren dem seh me is a qualified, certified laughing stock.
Box yuh neighbour if yuh know wah mi a talk bout...nuh tell nobaddy seh mi tell unoo fi tear dem wid lick enuh!!! Mi nuh able...
Boy mi get a save when mi fren come in pon di scene.  She reminded mi how Naaman did haffi dip seven times inna di murky water.  Sometimes when wi a buck di crasses dem back a dem one anedda a dip wi a  dip inna wi likkle dirty Riva Jordan.  Six times naw go do it- a seven times.  So crasses can walk in sevens too!!!  An ask if mi naw dip inna fi mi dutty Ganges riva-(apologies to my small readership in India, and Hindus from sweet T&T....mi nuh have none from Bangladesh so mi gud)

Or maybe wi a lick a Job season, when wi haffi showcase seh a nuh fish an' bread wi a serve God fah!
God nuh wicked!!!! Mi SURE a dat!  Him nuh love see people suffa-mi believe seh dat bleed Him heart big time.  But wi haffi get tested.
Bwoy mi fail dah tes' yah star!
Wi haffi hol' on during the rough times.

Mi gone!

I am your Jodi, your Jodi, yours for keeps...

Go Sof'

These days I’m hearing plenty about the ‘go-hard’ phenomenon, and, and well, I like it!
It suits my personality-the fierce go-getter that I am.  I am inclined to go after my dreams with an unquenchable tenacity, an undisputable resolve that will most times be impenetrable to roadblocks, insults and pain.  Affixed to this mantra is passion, aggressiveness/assertiveness, stick-to-itiveness to which I am not averse.

So we’ve all bought into a hardcore mentality which is great, but as I sat contemplatively last evening a thought danced across my mind, ‘Go soft Jodi’.  Go soft?  Go which freackin’ soft-aint nobody got time fo’ dat!!!!!!! (that’s right Sweet Brown, I got you girl ;-) )  I tried to shake that lame proposition. going.soft.  Then the go soft philosophy came back to me this morning-yes hounded me from all di way from desso to yasso(the ‘Go soft’ fairy ah go haad wid di ting yow)and I finally had to concur.

What does going soft really mean?
For me, it is an encouragement to go human-I can be so mechanical in pursuing my interests that I lose that gentle sweetness.  
Going soft means to become vulnerable-these aren't the things I want to hear, especially when EVERY TIME I allow myself to become vulnerable, I get hurt-happens EVERY TIME!  
Going soft means being willing to be open. 
It means that I must take my time.  Don’t rush into things quite so blindly-take a step back.
It means that I’m to listen to my intuition.
It means to surrender my own thoughts and feelings on a matter. It means giving an ear to the thoughts of others and lending my heart to understand their pain-even if I get hurt in the process.

Going soft in my mind had such a negative connotation, like ‘go limp’-I HATE THAT! It doesn't even sound right.  BUT, I've now come to terms that it does not for a moment imply that I should become a doormat, or weak, or life-less.  In fact, the more I go soft is the more compassionate I become, the more connected I am to the human condition, the more genuine and real I am.  I evolve into a state of awareness and sensitivity.   I’ll never forget the words a favourite lecturer of mine told the class-your technical skills will get you the job, but your soft skills will keep you there.  Soft skills? The beauty of your spirit. 

From a clinical nutritional stance (mi haffi go deh-‘llow mi), a soft diet is prescribed for those undergoing oral mechanical difficulties-it is modified by consistency/texture to accommodate their needs in order to make food more palatable.  Similarly, some a wi too haad an’ barky barky-too tough, like ol’ fowl-stringy and indigestible.  My life has been going through a little pressure cooking stage where I am becoming a little more sensitive to people’s needs, a little more appreciable to those around who may be a little compromised, providing that tenderness and gentleness of spirit needed to cheer those around me. 

 I am in no wise discounting the sagacity of going hard, I’m calling for balance.  In all your go-hardings, going hards, hard going,cho blow-wow...In all that you do, don’t forget to be civil, gracious, thankful, sometimes a little reticent, understanding, compassionate and simple. Again, the go soft philosophy is not paradoxical to the go hard philosophy but complementary. Do yuh ting, but in a kind way-and don’t forget those around you.

Who loves you like I do?
(chirping crickets)…That’s right!  NOBODY!

I am your Jodi today and always!